The Valley

There are a lot of stories contained in the Bible. One of the more interesting ones involves a man named Jacob, standing beside a river bank. While he is there, alone in the darkness, another man comes up to him and they begin fighting. After a while, Jacob has his hip knocked out of joint and it causes him to stumble. After it all, he realizes this whole time that he was wrestling with God. A lot of times, we wrestle with God today. It may not be in the physical sense, but we go through trials and tribulations that cause us to question what God is doing. But we must persevere because if we do that, God has promised that he will stay by our side and we will come out on the other side. In order to come out on the other side though, we must ride through the valley. 

The Narrow Road

This campground held a secret. If you went in, past the knee high weeds, under the dead-fall branches, right along the shoreline, there was a small, beaten path.  It wasn’t planned, but it was there. It ran up and down the hillside on the shoreline. There were places where the edge dropped off into the lake 30 feet down.  There was a spot where it diverted because of a tree that had fallen over the old path. This path was well traveled, but tough. It was dangerous at places, difficult and dirty.  This path required a certain determination. This path was full of adventure, but it also lead the traveler through some thickets that scratched their legs. This path was many things, but the prize it provided was that when followed, through its many obstacles, the traveler felt alive, felt attuned to the world around her.  The traveler learned quickly that the goal was not where the path ended or a certain destination, but rather the goal was the path itself, and that it was being traveled.

GateStormers Introduction Film

We are at war. Not against one another, but against the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  We fight to defeat the lies we have believed our whole life. We fight to to take back the person we were meant to be. No more waiting. No more excuses. We will not retreat. We will not turn and run.  We will take no prisoners because this will be a fight to the death. Stand strong and hold steady. The gates of hell are before us. We will storm them with everything we have. And we will be victorious. We are GateStormers