by | Aug 12, 2020

– 1ST PETER 5:7

Man there seems to be a lot of anxieties these days. We are in the middle of a pandemic, which has now caused an economic disaster, which has lead to record high unemployment, which means people can’t buy food or pay their bills and mortgage, and so on. Parents are trying to figure out if there child is going to school or not, and how do they continue to juggle all of that. Just thinking about everything the world is facing right now seems overwhelming.

The good news is that this will all pass…the bad news is that we will face challenges like this again in our life. It might not be a pandemic, but we will face problems again. God knew this. God knew that in this world, there would be hardships. And so he gave this verse to Peter.

Here’s the thing that I love about this verse. God wants ALL your anxieties…not just the big ones. Currently, I’m looking out my window and see that rain is falling, and I’m anxious because I rode my motorcycle to work today (seriously Apple Weather, you weren’t even close to accurate). God wants that anxiety. I feel sometimes that I’m bugging God with all my little problems and worries…most of them self-inflicted. But you can’t bother God. He wants your worries, your anxieties, your struggles, your pain. He also wants your joy, he wants your hopes, he wants your love. In other words, God wants YOU. All of you…the good and the bad. And he wants it all because, as 1st Peter says, He cares for you. He loves you. You were specifically made by Him.

And bringing your anxieties to God doesn’t have to be something complicated. You don’t have to wait until the time is right, or even find a quite place. You can talk to God anywhere, and that’s all you have to do. Just say “God, I’m anxious, and I need you to take these worries from me, and help”. And then you need to trust Him with those anxieties. Don’t say it and then hang on to them. Let them go (cue the song from Frozen). That’s it, don’t make it more complicated than that. I have had the best moments with God when I’m doing 70 on my motorcycle. You can talk to Him anywhere and any time. He’s available to listen.

I don’t know when this pandemic will be over, and I don’t know what crisis will follow it. But I know that God is with me through it all, and he will be with YOU through it all if ask him to. Stay safe out there Stormers…




Here’s the conundrum…my wife is two weeks from her due date, and I was on call this weekend with my regular job, BUT, it was also one of the best days this summer had produced. Mid 70’s, bright blue sky, and Rage KaGe ready to put some miles on. What’s a boy to do. Compromise, that’s what you do.



Have you ever experienced true peace? Sometimes you only feel it for a minute, sometimes longer. No matter how long it is, it is one of the best feelings in the world. A lot of times I do not experience true peace. Don’t get me wrong though, I experience happiness and a lot of different emotions, but very rarely true peace.



Before I had even ridden a motorcycle, I knew that I liked them. I liked how they looked, I liked how they sounded, and I liked the idea of them. I read about motorcycles, and I talked to people about them…I had a pretty good understanding of everything pertaining to the entire motorcycle industry.


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